Lockeland Springsteen: Nashville 5

Caroline did a Nashville Five feature with Lockeland Springsteen about ways to "Treat Yo Self on a Twenty-Something budget" in Nashville.  Read the full article HERE

Lockeland Springsteen also had this to say about Caroline and her work.. 

The Virginia native’s music exposes lessons learned from someone with pronounced wisdom and maturity, spinning tales of lost time and turbulent love that seem to expand past her twenty-five years. With a soprano that is as sweet as it is vulnerable, and a sensitive approach to her masterful guitar lines, Spence invites us into a story-telling space that we wouldn’t typically expect from someone with such a fresh and untethered appearance. Certain people are born at the wrong age, maybe even at the wrong time. And though working as an artist might not ameliorate the brokenness, truthful storytellers find ways to learn the more important lessons at a faster rate, so they might go on to live their later decades more fully. Spence is certainly one of these artists, who spins the secrets she has gathered into timeless and irreverent stories.
— Lockleland Springsteen